Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Worry trigger

Why would I have to do this? It's not the way I used to do... Do I have the choice? Why need to think twice? I'm the chairperson... but still I'm thinking, do I have the choice? Sometimes I hate myself for not able to withstand my opinion when confronting the others and let them follow my way. I am so upset... why did the teacher never discuss with me when she made the decision? She should get agreements from everyone, not part of them! Why did some of them just simply spitted out the words without thinking its consequence? They may not know even the words they think it won't create a impact can lead to a misunderstanding, and, the others have to suffer the result. I really hate those people who only know to talk, talk, talk... even worse when they keep on repeating thing doesn't make any sense without listening to others' advises because they thought everything will be going smoothly. I don't want to do thing that against my principle so don't ask me collect the money! The money that we should not take! A change, I need.

I'm so sorry to my brother for what they have done. It was done. My friends, thank you guys for able to understand the situation. How happy I am when I turn from the problem to you guys, you all always cheer me up... I love you.

Sorry guys if you are reading this, you may feel irritated and not knowing about any damn thing that happened. I blog this because I just want to release my anger, not mean to hurt anyone.


ping ping said...

Don't worry ,everything will be ok.

kaman said...

ya.. dun worry.. anything v all will support u de.. 天塌下来当被盖…… haha..

eMeRLyN said...

thank you... sob