Saturday, July 4, 2009


I don't like the smell of crowd, it's so sickening and suffocating. Pn Lau dropped us in Ipoh Parade right after Oral Bible Knowledge Quiz. We were planning to watch movie at first, except for Shekinah, for the rest of us had no mood to do the window shopping but there was only two movies were on today - Transformer (I'm going to watch it in school) and Ice Age ( Oh, I don't watch cartoon... to be precisely animation, seldom) After having lunch, we went to Popular and I managed to get Kenny G's album at there, then I accompanied Shekinah to cloth shop and accessories shop while the boys were reading... dunno why I was so boring, nothing can really touch me or catch my eyes. I had no appetite when Shekinah was eating my favourite cheese cake. After that, we just hanging around for some hours, like roamer... without any objective. At last, four of us were like stupid, standing in front of one of the DVD shop, watching Micheal Jackson's concert.

Thank God we had made it to the final in the contest and soon we will be going for the national quiz. Chemistry quiz and Physics quiz are also coming in this month and I haven't do the read up yet... thousand worries + worries = ???

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kaman said...

dun worry so much.. u can cope wit it.. ^^