Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was told to check the list of conscripts names of national service of 2010 yesterday.
Thank God, I wasn't selected to participate the national service. I need not to worry how terrible if the pimples 'flourish' on my face, what if I become darker, how would I look if I am fatter, how do I get injured due to my bad coordination... well I know, we could have fun and experience over there but :C there was undeniably some scary incident happened on the conscripts during the national service... Some of my friends are sad and feel constrained because their will have to spend their sweet after-SPM- holiday in PLKN yet there are some of them would like to enrol voluntarily for it... :D ... there is one of my friend cried today... because of this, I tried to comfort her but she was so reluctant to accept the good will of others... she has been like that way always...sigh, just pray that God could help her.

If you want to check this through SMS please type PLKN space SEMAK space ( IC num) and send to 15888 or you can also log on to the official website.

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