Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I was ticked off for losing my calculator ;( I found out it was not in my school bag by the time I was ready set off for tuition class. WHY I WAS SO CARELESS? A scientific calculator is indeed important to a science stream student. I was telling myself the whole yesterday that the person that found my calculator was a kind-hearted one, maybe he or she would return it to me by the next day. But today, I failed to find my calculator, nobody came to me to return my calculator. A junior from afternoon session are helping me to look for it, I' m keeping my finger cross she will bring me a good news tomorrow.

Keyang was keeping saying that there will be a total solar eclipse at July 22, Wednesday (tomorrow) the time at Kuala Lumpur is from 07:29:00 AM to 08:48:44 AM. According to what he said just now, this eclipse is said to be the longest eclipse in 21st century where the maximum duration of totality reaches 6 minutes 39 seconds. Though it is only can be seen in certain places in M'sia, I hope we are able to see this. But first, keep the finger cross that the teacher give us permission to be outside the class. To all of you over there, don't miss it!

I have packed and gotten ready all files and documents that are related to the treasury of KRS that I keep for three years, because I have decided to pass over the money and documents to Yee Hua (wise and pretty future-to-be treasurer) ahead of Loi, our president.YEAAA. It mean, hands off. Wish her good luck for it is not an easy job. I'm thinking maybe one day, I will post a blog about my KRS life In MES.

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