Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Th3 eND of th3 Ye@r

Here we come to the very end of 2008. Lots of things ( for some is the first time for me), happy as well as sad, have happened in this year and now I really feel hard to leave 2008, all I can do is keeping the memories in my mind. Maybe I will retell some of it at my blog in someday I think. I really have no idea what to write on this last post for 2008. One thing I want to make a complain here, (hey guys I thought you all should online at this time as you all have promised in this afternoon.) I guess they are having party in somewhere with somebody, aggrrh, they were the one who suggested us to stay at home and meet in MSN. Cruel them. (guys are like that, quite upset with their behaviour =.=) Well, wishing those who read my blog and my friends. Happy New Year!!! May the new age bring you more beauty and joy!

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