Monday, January 5, 2009

A Blue Monday

Unlike the previous year, I was being moodily in my first school day. I had never ever felt in that way before. Maybe it's because I felt feverish for last two days and I was still not feeling well in this morning or it's because of the long heck of assembly in the very first day. Well, the teachers have started to exert kind of pressure on us in the first day of school, I think they didn't mean it that way, I mean, they just attempted to bestir us to do better in our study. But I am still feel stressed when they said, 'Um, I think all of you have the potential to get A in blah blah blah subject.'
' We have to do more essays compared to last year.'
' You all can upgrade the SPM result in 2009.'
' Students, that's no more honey year for you (this is what we have been told since last year), let's have a test in this Wed.'
'5 Science 1, you must show a good example to your schoolmates so you are suppose follow the paradigm.' etc. Sigh. We also had been told what are we going to do in next few months and again some of the teachers told us to open 5-6 small exercise books for that particular subjects and I don't think we are going to finish them, what a waste.
What's really made no difference was my class was being noisy again and spending so much time gossiping and talking nonsense in this morning. That's something either you or me can't put up with when someone made fun of you in his nasty joke without considering your self-esteem. It totally ruined my day.
It's jerks, that's beyond a joke.

Recently, people are circulating with the issues of economy crisis and wars. While I was watching news reading in the telly, I saw Gaza was being attacked by bomb bay. Almost quarter of the time of the broadcasting was about the wars happened in Gaza.
I felt quite upset with this ugliness of the world. Those war hawks and terrorists sacrifice the innocent people just to strive after the lands, benefits,fame, fortunes, wealth but they choose to ignore the peace of the world. It's very sad when I saw the children were bleeding due to the injury that cause by wars. Those children who live these war zones are supposed to go to school like any other children in other countries yet they are not that felicitous or lucky( we likely to say), what they are learning in their very young age is not ABC, they are to learn how to hold the weapon to protect themselves and the country. '_'

I think that's it for today, I gotta to do some revision for this Wed test.


little-bell said...

Gambateh....i know u can achieve what u want at the end of tis year.

eMeRLyN said...

Gambateh-ing. Is a long heck of year to go. Really not used to be being without seniors in the school. Miss u la...