Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm here to update!

Finally, I've got the chance ( life have been so busy recently) to do my blogging here. Yesterday, I've been to the education fair which held at PWTC, KL with Jiin and Chi Yan. Not much to talk about that. It was really crowded over there and it's so dizzying.

I had found a Kenny G's album in Popular Bookshop then. What a pity, I'd spent my money on the books and gifts. If I bought it, I would not have enough money to pay the bus fare and I might not in Tanjong Malim now. hehe... Promise to myself, I'm going to get it as soon as possible!!! He is really an awesome saxophonist!!! Totally drowning in the songs that he played, if you have heard the songs, you would find out they have a smooth, sentimental, singing tone quality and they're so romantic. It's recommended to all of you especially the guys...

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