Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To Be or Not To Be, that is the Question

It's not always easy to decide what to be and not to be. My English teacher asked us to make a choice about the branch of learning by now. Seriously, still, I have no idea which path should I go. Have you heard about the poem 'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost?
' Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both...'
My situation is said to be more or less same as the poet. Well, it's not exactly, I am perplexed just like a ship that has lost its direction in the bewildering ocean. Many of my friends had dropped the subjects Principle of Account. It's not a very tough subject for a Science stream student. The reason they wanted to drop it is because they don't have much time to study it. We all have become dead beat after the tuition classes, after that we still need to proceed with our homework at night. Now I am still thinking to drop or not to drop. If I drop, this would mean goodbye to accountancy. One the other hand, I'm worried I can't manage to handle too many subjects and sometimes I think I'm not probably going to be further my study in accountancy. For sure, all of us are not willing to sit on the EST papers. The KMM has already declared that EST is an elective paper for all the Science Stream students since 2008. But the Mr Belly insists that EST is in still in our package so we are forced to accept it. I would say that we need more luck beside doing a lot of reading. The questions look simple but it's not easy to score because the answers required to be same as the answers in the marking scheme, it's a killing subject instead. I wouldn't have to worry all this if I know myself well and what am I going to be.


erica0610 said...

hi,emerlyn,dun be panic from now,it is just a starting point of ur spm year.According to my experience,actually i hope u will take the least amount of subject as u can la,coz if too many subject u will cant handle them especially after trial exam.I know u have drop wen xue edi,so the problem of dropping account is ur choice,but if u have do ur revision day by day ,i think start from march,u will not be tension too much when u face to midyear exam or trial exam.So,good luck in ur SPM .After u have done ur SPM ,u will feel that actually SPM is nothing.

eMeRLyN said...

Thanks. I think i was wrongly looking upon myself for taking too many subjects in my form 4, and now is really hard for me to make a decision. Really need someone to talk to now.