Saturday, December 27, 2008

A sense of worry

It has been a whole day I didn't speak even one word to anybody else except myself and it is going to last out for another two days more for I'm alone at home. My family has gone to my auntie 's house and they will be in Pulau Langkawi by tomorrow morning I think. Why don't I go along with them? Well, it depends on my mood and I don't feel like I want to spend my days there, being alone at home is not that bad actually, furthermore it's more comfy to move about in the house and do whatever I like without under my mom's supervision. (Whoops, I scarcely forget I have promised her to do the house chores, :P) One and the only problem I face is the MEALS!!! But, the cabinet has already piled up with instant noodles cups and loaves of bread that my dad bought for me. I'm going to have these for my breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner and supper as well. What to do, I don't know how to cook ( actually is... dare not).

Recently, I have started to feel a sense of worry about the coming year. I was thinking harshly for the last whole night. The closer we approach to next year, the more worry I am. ( I am a worrywart?) Maybe it is my final year in school, many things I have to cope with and I become lack of confidence in myself...
1. How am I going to face the teachers?
2. How am I going to cope with my classmates?
3. Am I eligible to hold the chief positions?
4. I'm going to sit for the SPM, oh no~
5. Again I have a packed schedule for my every single day, I' m really extremely awfully awkwardly fed up with it.
6. The ABRSM examinations =.=
7. Competitions which the teacher selected for me since form 4.
8. The 13 SPM subjects. Sob.
9. What about my school activities? Practices? ... ...

I know there will be problems which is more than that exist in the coming year. Some says to me, just leave the burdens to God but how? I know I can't cease them but to solve them one by one. That's it.

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