Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Update

Hi, Merry Christmas everyone. Here i come to update my blog. Check out what I was doing recently...

23rd Dec Caroling
This was the third year i went caroling with the church members. I was joining the carolers from Grace assembly Church for the first time in this year and it's different than the previous years. It's kind of fun to visit people's houses to sing carol and gave everyone wishes in this joyous season. The hosts were being hospitable to us and prepared a lot of food for us, it's yummy! Phew, we finished it almost by 1.00 a.m.

This is one of the place we went...

24th Dec Christmas Eve Gathering
The family of mine were in KL and I was having a gathering with my friends at Blue Garden. Susan, thanks for your
ais kacang ! It's very kind of us to give up our seats for the people standing outside of the restaurant, pity them, so that's why we didn't do the countdown.

25th Dec Feliz Navidad
Worshiping in church...

Pastor Chin was giving sermon.

For the first time my sister was doing her violin performance in church.

Worshipers and visitors

Messy... too many songs to be played.


My Christmas presents

My Christmas Look XD

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