Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back from SU Sports Camps

I'm baaacck. Well, I've been to Scripture Union Sports Camp for the last 4 days, from Wed to Sat. It's a real big fun camp!!! I hope I can be there for one week more! Frankly, I'm not keen on sports but the camp was just fun... it's actually brought me closer to sports. This was the first time i learnt frisbee, floorball, archery ( damn love it), Captain's ball, skittle, galah panjang, dodgeball etc. Which sport do i prefer? Archery of course, i needn't to run here and there, what i had to do was just standing still in right position, holding the bow with an arrow, aiming the bulleye and shoot it! I've got three!Not that embarassing, hehe... Now' i m still aching all over...

My group members, Cowton. (Left) Khin Fhoong, me, Aster.(Right) John, Nicholas, Dylan aka fooweng (our group leader) Keenan, Shun Whye.

Yea, On the way back to Tanjong Malim. The first time I' m taking a photo with twins. Hehe... (behind me)


Jun said...

nice pic!!...hav some more?

eMeRLyN said...

got, a video, i think i will get it soon cause i have to wait the organizer to send us the cd.