Friday, December 5, 2008

Days in Klang

Due to my mom's friend reunion, I was in Klang for last two days. Some of her friends are working there. The whole family of mine was staying overnight in Auntie Ah Keok's house in Taman Botanic. That's place is not bad I think, it has a good ambience and there are three shopping complexes just a stone throw away. Auntie Ah Keok was being generous and hospitable to us. She brought us to many places and treated us delicious cuisine in Klang. Oooh, I miss the food especially the bak gu teh!!! I like this kind of occasion. What I mean is the reunion. I like to sit side by side with my mom, listening to their old stories, freak incidents, recent lifestyle… Did I mention freak incident?

We did go round to Pulau Ketam. If you want to go there, you will have to take a boat, it takes about 30 minutes from Port Klang to Pulau Ketam, remember is speed boat.

Things you can found in Pulau Ketam (roughly):

1. Seafood, of course! (Frankly, I don’t like to eat crab and prawn, too lazy to remove the shell and skin)

2. stinking fishy smell ( EWww... OMG, is everywhere!)

Things you can’t found in Pulau Ketam:

1. Car. (Bicycle is their main transportation and the air is clean)

Thus, u can’t see

2. broad blacktop (bituminous macadam). The street has only width in between 2m to 3m.


little-bell said...

so envy...can go to travel...

eMeRLyN said...

we're not actually travel there, haha...