Thursday, October 29, 2009

Please get well

I really do not know what to begin with in this post. A friend of mine is now in ICU,  the news of her critical condition was a shock to us on that Monday morning. We made a dash to Slim River Hospital by bus immediately after school, they say she might leave us at anytime. OMG, this should not happen to her, this should not happen to any young 17 tween like us. She used to be a happy-go-lucky person, she liked to befriend to everyone, cracked jokes around with friends and she liked to tickle me every time I passed by her. I, as any others who know her well, could not believe that she would make that kind of decision. If you have the courage to put an end to your life, why don't you keep that courage to face the challenges and difficulty in your life? We know, she is regret when she feels the pain, I pray that she will be able to meet us again like before, still happy, still healthy, still caring. We had lost many people that we love in this year, and we can't afford to lose a friend like her anymore. Please keep her in your prayer that God will place His mighty hand on her to heal her and bless her family.       

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