Monday, October 12, 2009

Look before you leap

We had our lunch in KFC after school today. 

O service, where art thy quality?

Next time, we shall have it in PIZZA HUT. But is there any nuances between them? The concept of good service is, unfortunately, rarely experienced in Malaysia.

After the lunch...

I was washing my hands, I had chosen the higher positioned sink.
Ke Yang: (washing his hands too) You should use this one ( the one for kids ), I am much taller.
Emerlyn: Well, I don't want to bend too much..
(Turned to left and pushed a door open.)
Ke Yang: What are you doing?
Emerlyn: I want to go to toilet-lah. What's wrong with the door? I can't push it?
Ke Yang: (cried out) That is Gent-lah! Ladies is on the right side.
Emerlyn: (blushed with embarrassment) Okay, okayyyyyy...

Okay, I'm not sure if others outside there heard it or not since he shouted so loudly. The Ladies was on the left side before the restaurant renovation, I didn't notice that it had been changed...:D

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