Thursday, October 15, 2009

KRS farewell party *2

These are photos that I tag from facebook. The farewell dinner that we had yesterday night. Everything about KRS would be ended here...

Where am I? Holding the camera...

 Putera-putera KRS from 5 Science 1

Putera-putera KRS from 5 Science 2
They have the potential in modelling, right? Haha...

 Puteri-puteri KRS. OMG, where is Elaine?

 Jian Hao, Eik, Seow

 Loi, the KRS leader and Diva, Gosh! Look at his hair!

Terence, Ke Yang, Man Howe, Nicholas

Ho: (sob) Buddy, gimme a hug, I'll miss you tho' we part.
Seow: Five years... we share our happiness and sadness in KRS. O, bro, come...

The most happiest memory in KRS: Won the marching competition and turned out to be the champion... Having party like this... Being regarded as the best pasukan unit-beruniform 
The very sad memory: Quarel among the teammates... it so happened in every team. but we always remember: WE ARE A TEAM!
The most strenuous experience: Absolutely not in camp. Having marching practice from Monday to Saturday every week when the competition was around the corner, the body was aching for the whole month and the colour tone of the skin became darker... 

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