Monday, October 12, 2009

I was being forgotten

I was being abandoned by the group this afternoon. I hate being a deserted person. I was being forgotten this afternoon. I hate being passed into silence. I hate wandering around in the school compound like an idiot, searching for them who had left me behind. Why no one came to me? I was so cold and helpless, and there was no room for me to hide from the rain. I hate the cruelty.

It was when she came to me, I felt deeply wronged, I started to @#$%^*!@#$%^, when I was brought to the GERAKAN room, I continued to !@#$%^%$#@.I withdrawn myself and settled down in the seat with no one around me. I hate myself being like this. Then I burst into tear and sobbed softly, not wanting to let anyone know. I was so ugly with the crying look. Don't imagine. I hate myself being like this.   

I was so heartbroken. When the class was over, they tried to comfort me, firing off with their jokes. DEFEATED. I can't help laughing the way of their looking. Everything was over.

Message: Please pay equally attention to every friend of yours, please let them feel you are always there when they need you. You don't know you are actually important to them. There are 24 hours in everyday of your life, why don't you spend one minute once in a while to understand them? Say sorry and give a smile, the friendship will last even longer. :-)


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kaman said...

emerlyn, rely sory.. 555