Monday, January 11, 2010

The Star Education Fair

I spent half of my day in KL yesterday as my friends and I participated in The Star Education Fair in KLCC Convention Center. The education fair was really a BIG one, bigger than the one I went in last year. Numerous local and foreign exhibitors were participating, occupying five exhibition halls at KL venue. We also had opportunity to attend career talks but if you went for the one which you was not interested in- like in the case that you was following your friends, it would definitely doze you off. It was the time we were in the  medicine & dentistry career talk, one of the lecturer / dentist who I forgot her name said this, ' We are not discriminating the left-handed ( we looked at Ho Yee Shen and started to laugh at him until the lecturer finished her words), but all the dental instruments were designed for right-handed so we will make our students - who is left-handed to use his right hand.' So he is determined to do pharmacy, not because of the joke of course, but the terms needed to finish the course.

As I said there were numerous exhibitors, so we were actually tiring of filling in all the enquiry forms, they were everywhere, some of the inquirers, probably the students from respective colleges or universities were forcing / begging you to fill up the forms, so we took pity on them and helped them. Despite that, the overall visit was good, we got to know a lot of information from the professors, lecturers, counsellors, graduated students or other representatives from the universities and colleges and you got to get a lot of brochures, pamphlets/leaflets and eco-friendly bags or whatever you call them which I don't have a proper place to put them in now. There were a lot of friendly representatives who were standing outside the booth asking you the course you keen on and brought you inside their booth and asked for a counsellor or lecturer for you. I'm really sorry because most of the time I didn't give a look to these people and walked away in the fastest speed I could due to time constraint. 

Sometimes, it was quite getting fed up to listen to something you had already known or something you had listened from other counsellors for so many times, so I would prefer to start with ' May I know what...' If you let them start first you would probably wasting your time for about 15 to 20 minutes. The first counsellor that I encountered was an American chiropractor, Prof Michael Thomas Haneline, a soft spoken gentleman. The name was not unfamiliar to me for I have came across many times in the websites or articles about chiropractic. In fact, I was a little bit EXCITED to see him in real person and he was just sitting beside me. OMG. Chiropractic would be my first choice for my further study after A-levels or STPM ( I do not want to do any foundation) if it's God's will. But if I could not make it mainly because of the fees needed is extremely too high ( my parents are still discussing on this matter), it is more expensive than that in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or engineering, this will be the first and last time I talk about Chiropractic here and I would go for pharmacy or pharmaceutical chemistry.

Chiropractic is a branch of healthcare that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of bones and muscles of the body, especially involving the spine (my favourite, you may ask why? Untold reason.) and the effects of these conditions on the nervous system and health in general. Doctors of chiropractic (also referred to as chiropractors) commonly treat musculoskeletal symptoms, such as back pain, headaches, pain in the arms or legs, and many other conditions. Chiropractic offers patients a hand-in approach to healthcare that is drug-free, including examination, diagnosis and treatment. ( Resource: IMU)

What I looking forward to be trained is therapeutic, rehabilitative exercise and common clinical tests such as blood test and x-rays. A chiropractor do not prescribe drugs or perform surgery. The structure of the programme consists of four years of academic and clinical training, followed by one year housemanship. Much of the material is presented in stimulated clinical settings in order to provide real-life experience. ( And how! Students in Malaysia have had more than ten years of spoon-feeding education, not in future anymore, okay!)

For you information, the chiropractic degree programme will commence in this February within the medical faculty. IMU is the FIRST and ONLY institute offer this complete Chiropractic educational programme in Malaysia, as well as Southeast Asia. So you see, new, private, that's why it is expensive. If you wants to apply the IMU scholarship, they will first look into both of your parents' incomes and then your result, the combined income should not exceed RM50 000 per year or else you will be disqualified. Hello! There are very few family can survive with RM50 000 a year or less than that nowadays since the rising inflation especially for them who live in a city. Well, really hope that the fees can be dropped within this two years or money drops from somewhere up there in front of my house. Haha... Money VS Dream.

Reminder: If you want to work in Malaysia in the future, please always make sure that your college or university ( if it is a private one)  and the certificate are recognized by the government council/body such as MQA, MMC (medicine), MDC (dentistry) and etc NOT the one does not recognized or the one WILL BE recognized ( who knows the future?)

PS: Miss the Salmon Bento that I had in lunch! Yummy...

PS2: Nicholas Seow, the future-to-be architect is starting to do his study in Taylor today. All the BEST to him! He told that he is going to design a TMCC (derived from KLCC) in the future. What a joke!

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