Monday, January 25, 2010

Life is still going on

Well, it's to time update my blog. It'd been about a week since the last posting.It sounds an obligation to me now, not to leave my blog just like that. Actually, this is not my early intention to create a blog, it's not for others or any other things else, it's for me, for me... So what is my intention now?

Emerlyn, people will get a move on if you continue all these CRAPs.


I just had my computer reformatted last week, I thought I could get it back after 2 or 3 days. But the technician told me I would have to wait for 4 days. Fine. After that, I didn't receive any call from them ( Chinese always like to say, no news is good news, and I would say that it should a bad news) so I decided to find them on Friday, the 7th day and I got my PC back on the 8th day at last. I thought the shop always has its efficiency all the time, but it seems not for now anymore.

It is already the third week I work and I'm still thinking to get out of here. There were some people saw me working in the shop and gave me a very BIG SURPRISE look. Yes, I'm my mother's daughter. Why would people have the thought that a teacher doesn't allow his/her child to have a part time job? My granddad and ganny were also, a headmaster and a teacher and they allowed their five children to go out to work after their GCE last time.

This coming Wednesday will be the fourth week I have my guitar lesson. Guys, tell me your favourite songs so that I can practice or even play for you. It will be my pleasure. :-D Learning guitar is not a hard nor harsh thing, just that you have to bear the pain in your finger tips for the first few weeks because you need to press the strings against the frets. Well I had experienced it when I played my sister's violin so it was not a problem to me since then.

Nothing special happen to me recently... Life is damn boring... I want to study so much... Really... Those who are studying, appreciate what you are doing now. Sometimes I would think that what would Da Vincci make up if he is put into a life which is a bad and sad situation like he can't do whatever he likes or even to chase his dream? What would also Vikhna ( the brilliant girl that I had ever met before the presence of Shekinah) or Ke Yang (the brainiac that got 13 A in his spm trial) do? What would you, who are reading this do? Life is still going on, nevertheless.

Back to school on last Monday to take my certificate. Met my former teachers, THEY TOLD US THEY MISS US, OUR BATCH, OUR CLASS. So do I. 
And this is from Ho's blog. Thumb up to his words.
'They said that they missed our batch a lot. Haha... Of course they do. I'm not acting arrogant but which class can really pick up and stand head to head compared to ours? We definitely have the ability to make peoples around us happy and remember us when we are separated. So guys and gals, give a clap to students from Form 5 2009!!"
A kind reminder to you, Ho: Be careful, later our juniors shoot you.

Our Mr. Seow has his new blog already! Gambateh to him!

Support our group - 1992 TM Babies in facebook. Ke Yang, the group creator said we can change the group name if we think it is not suitable. Ke Yang,  I had a goose bumps when I heard it for the first time, but now I already get used to it. :P Appreciate it, guys. Bring me up to date at there.

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