Saturday, January 16, 2010

Days are lacking pace

So I worked for a week and still, I'm working now. Apparently it is only to fulfill my mom's wish, work, learn and gaining some exposures, she says. There is always a sickening thought inside me of escaping from the place where I am working now. Why not my parents just let me go to my dad's working place or work in my godfather's office? So that, at least, I can do my job in a air-conditioned place. I totally FEEL the global warming everyday now. 

I'm working, on average, six hours per day. So you guys might think that six hours aren't long period but for me, it seems a decade. Time is pacing very SLOWLY when you do something you don't like. Thank God, the boss didn't claim me to work longer than that. Well, he requested but I rejected or else I won't be blogging now, :-) Anyway, I'm going to quit it before CNY but I have a bone in my throat telling him because they are still short of workers.

Despite that, the level of my endurance and patience is getting higher and higher ever since working. :-D

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