Tuesday, December 8, 2009


There's a lot of worthless people losing their sense of shame and guilty and always trying to find a way to slander on other 's good name. If you are experiencing this kind of slander from others, don't be upset if you have not done anything they say which is not true, because this is their purpose to mess you up. An advice from a friend of mine.

Here, I have something to say to the person who is trying to defame me by writing all his/ her dirty language at every space that he/ she can find and I would like this person to know I'm not vulnerable to be attacked:

I'm very happy and so thankful if you see this, a few months back, I happened to see your vulgarism about me, I didn't response readily to what you wrote, it was so nauseating and anyone who read it would feel sick and disgusting.
But it doesn't mean I am afraid of you, I don't feel I have to justify anything you write which is not true about me because I have the perfect conscience about the way I live. 
I don't try to seek who the eff your are, because I think no point of wasting my time on worthless human like you.  
So you think what you have done would make me upset, or should I say in a different way, Fxxx me up? (you are rude so I am treating you in the same way). 
I tell you, I don't even give a damn care about this so I don't react to this matter. But you are acting over on all this, abusing others' names, leaving dirty languages in my friends' blog. 
Fxxx off! You jackal, running dog of devil! Don't create a mess with my friends. You are wanton disregard for others' well being!
When people read what you wrote, they wouldn't think I am the kind of person you say, what is in their mind is that the one who write the pornographic description is obscene, scurrilous, filthy brute, nasty! 
You lose all your sense of shame and still you are not ashamed of your foolish behaviour by keep writing all your dirty language everywhere you find. 
You are coward too, you have written all this,and you must have courage to leave your name there but not others' name. 
Your are cursed and God will damn you for doing such a thing!
A reminder to you, watch out when you are out, bad thing could strike on those who mistreat and make a bad name for others.


ACE fire fist said...

Eh.......u say the F... word!!!!
Emerlyn, last time I say, u scolded me!!!!
What is the use of getting mad at those scum anyways.....
Life happily.....u are still 1 more subject from SPM...
Don't burden yourself with the pressure from that THRASH.

eMeRLyN said...

I used to hate that word but now i know it is very useful when it is used at the right time. haha... forget about it. it have been a long time i didn't read ur blog ady? y am i so unlucky, sob... u don't invite me one...