Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's holiday

I spent my whole morning in church today, wrapping gifts and packaging snack and candy for the kids on Christmas. Quite sad, this is the only thing I can do now, I hope I can do more to help pastor. Time flies really fast, probably I won't be here next year. Oh Father, just use me. While having my lunch with pastor and the rest of the church members, I received a call from Yee Ling. 'Yamcha.' ' Okay.' She then became mamak again, fetched each one of us from our houses. :-) Then I accompanied Chi Yan and Ping Ping to register their names in the driving school first and I share my driving experiences with them sometime. Well, I can said to be an experienced person but not a good driver till now. :-D After that some of them went for interview, looking for a part time job *skip*  I thought we were going out only for gathering and I didn't know they have so much things to do. It's good to have a part time job rather than doing nothing at home.

Why are these packets of sugar arranged like this on the table? 

It's a secret between God and us. I found out there's a another use of this packets of sugar beside flavouring the beverage. :-D

We then decided to go to KL tomorrow. I'm going to watch New Moon rain or shine. Any other suggestion? Speaking of movie, my family watched 2012 in cinema, they said it was great. It's a pity I didn't have any time to watch 2012 last time because I was having my exam so I probably will buy a DVD. It will only be done after the shopping.

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kaman said...

wuwuwuwu.. i cant go... wuwuwu...