Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A little update

I thought there would be jubilation, frenzied clamouring in the field or along the corridor after the Chemistry paper 3 but the school was just calm... Only a few was under excitement,  Guna asked us to sign on his school uniform and my signature was jerked. Well, SPM is not over yet, I still have to sit for Chinese paper on next Monday and that will be the LAST paper then I could have a feeling of relief of finishing the last paper just as those who had their last paper on today did. Then, it will be a LONG holidays which I don't really prefer, it's nothing to get excited about and I will idle the days away, watching television. DULL. I slowly come to realize I don't want my school life to come to an end. A few weeks back, it was embarrassed that I cried in the Majlis Doa dan Keberkatan when every student have to get their benedictions from all the teachers, I started to thinking more and more, I will leave them soon and the teacher won't be teaching me anymore and I feel hard to leave them. The girls and the boys were trying to get a few inches away from me, the feeling can be contagious, they just afraid their tears will drop too. 

Tomorrow we will have to go back to school to return the books. I have gotten it packed just now, my mom is pleasant to see the bookshelf is clean now. My bookshelf was as it had always been -so messy, it was a pain in my mom's neck, she will be complaining and nagging all day long, asking you to arrange, arrange and arrange, and I always say, later, later, later. Now I want to have a good rest.

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