Friday, July 2, 2010

You Bet Your Life- it is not easy as it used to be

Time rushes past and now we have approached to month of July of 2010. My life in college is starting as well.

You know what, I miss my busy life so much, I have been sort of lazing around  for 6 months and 19 days despite my part time job in January and February.

Well, I just went to Inti today to finish some enrollment procedures. Oh, I got my time table which is giving me a big headache! There are some days which  I'm really free whilst the others are really packed. I expected to finish the class early on Friday so that I can go back to hometown at noon or latest in the afternoon but my plan didn't turn out to be successful now. What I didn't expect is I will have 6 periods of classes in a row and then continue another one period after an hour. Shoot! How nice if I'm staying near to the college, at least I take a nap when I'm tired.

I think I'm going to get sick soon. I didn't feeling so well since this morning. It always happen when I change to new environment, change school, and when I started working. Perhaps I'm sick of the place, the food, the people there ( but I believe there are good people there.)

The orientation today, urm... basically it was an introduction to the college and bringing the freshmen on a campus tour, that's why it called orientation. =.= No ice-breaking or other activities where we were in school. Oh, I miss it so much! The orientation would be boring if stupid Brian didn't make those stupid jokes, oh did I say him stupid... Oops, sorry. I get used to it, using stupid instead of cute or funny in some cases but sometimes I really mean it. Oklah, I admit that he really has great sense of humour. Oh, It nearly slips my mind, there are about hundred of students in CALUK July intake, all of them are Malaysians, no African, no Chinese from China, no Bangladesh, no Japanese, no Korean which lead to little disappointment, haha... anyway I'm go there to meet Korean guy so it's alright.

There's a lot grievances and complaints in my mind now:

A lot of house rules I need to follow.

I don't want to walk a long way under a hot sun.

I really don't know how to take bus in that area.

I'm so shy and afraid to go to church in Subang alone. Where are all the Christian friends? How can I get to the church? I don't prefer to walk a long way, it's a beautiful Sunday dear.

The list will continue to go on...

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ping ping said...

Don't be so worry, everything will be sure can overcome all of this de....Gambateh lo...always support you....then I will be missing you sooooooooo muchhhhh.......