Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So far so good

Life is kinda okay now... Thank God, friends at here are friendly and helpful and that make me no longer a worry wart now, I don't have to worry how am I going to live at here for the rest of 18 months.

Yes! I finally can take the bus back and forth between Subang and Sunway alone without any mistake and I made it for two days. My sense of direction is so weak that make me lost in Sunway for two times. I mistakenly got off the bus at wrong bus stop, and didn't know which way to take to go home and I ended up calling my uncle came and fetched me.

I'm doing fine here. Don't worry about me especially mommy and daddy.

I need to finish all the lecturer's notes today so that I wont be leaving behind the class. My classmates are so diligent, they finish a chapter before the teacher starts teaching. I'm not going to sleep if I don't finish my chemistry today. Buck up!

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~YaNg YanG~ said...

Never think that you are slow, its them that are faster than you. - quoted from Ke Yang.

LOL! Haha, anyway, all the best in your studies. It should be easy for you as the syllabus is almost the same as STPM. ;)

Heard that you and Yee Ling came to find me last week. Sorry I was not around.. Next time do call me beforehand to check my availability! Hehe...