Monday, July 5, 2010

Is she a good person?

FUuuuhhhh, I have cleaned my room at last! The room, my temporary room is more clean than few hours ago. Layers of dust by years mark made me itchy. I can say that cleaning is a bit like a toil, but is worth it because I can breathe in the fresh air now. Damn miss my home, it is warmer and it is cleaner. I really feel impress and appreciate my mom for able to do the house chores so perfectly.

Let's talk about college, I just had my first lesson today. It really got me on nerves that the  lecturer failed to enter the class on time successfully. In fact, the lecturer that supposed to be teaching us never enter the class. We were then told by them that they had put another lecturer in charge of our class. =.= He didn't teach anything because he didn't prepare anything in short notice.=.= 

I feel really lonely in the midst of Subang. Yee Ling, I really need you badly. There are some friends I just made are nice but I do feel it is very hard to get along with them. I even started feeling scary to somebody, you never really know a person unless you spend times with him/her. And now, I feel that I have no one talk to. Lord, please be with me so that I wont feel alone.

And now I have to get back to business, bye.

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kaman said...

starting a new life in different place for sure u will feel alone at first. but ltr on, u cn overcome it. btw, ling is going to join u le.
aza!aza!gambateh emerlyn!! u ll never be alone as v r along with u in heart.