Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trouble rouser

I'm not in the mood this few days. The usual reasons I'm unhappy would be having a problem that is killing me to crack my head to find the solution, loads of uncompleted homework, scolded by my mom, doing something stupid that make me embarrassed in front of my friends, fail the test, on the top if that, quarreling with my classmates. What is actually pissing me off is I'm preoccupied by this stupid matter. I hate QUARREL, it ruins my day, my week. I'm getting sidetracked the day, I'm not able to concentrate on my stuff. SHOOT. He's so mean, bad tempered, unreasonable, snobbish, arrogant... The guy that I, no, we have quarreled with is someone like this. Do you notice that clever people always acts off beat. He is smart, clever, intelligent, good at all the subject he is studying and all the computer games he is playing. Yet he is lonely... in the sense that he couldn't really fit into our world, what I mean is, the ordinary people's world. He likes to isolate himself at the seat in the last row of the class while studying. He sort of looking down the others who are not doing well in their studies, and he likes to call people 'stupid'. The kind of people I hate. When we are chatting and making joke around among each other, he would interfere abruptly and say something... arghh... which make us think, 'what on earth are you talking about? Are you come from Mars?' He never think before he speak I guess,hey you know you may make someone hurt. And he would only go to those brainiacs he thinks they are qualified to be called 'clever'. If they have done something wrong towards him, he wouldn't mind. But if I have said a word wrongly, the war begin. For instance, this was what happened during the moral lesson:

He was making noise while I was revising, I couldn't put up with him anymore so I...
Emerlyn: (to my friend who was sitting beside me) Why he likes to talk rubbish?
The mean guy: (to the other clasmates) (name), move to other place. I don't want to see the stupid face again. This is why I want to stop my tuition class.

Goodness me! Why don't you change to another school for the sake of you eyes?!

Guys, word can be as dangerous as machine gun, mind you word especially when you are with a mean person.

Now, I just want to stop thinking it.


Vizier Tan Ke Yang said...

haha... u dont have to be so straight... even if you didnt say out the name, we still noe the guy u are speaking of... anyway go my blog thr c the link for some past year questions >.^ wish u a happy day~~

kaman said...

no nid so unhappy de la..
he like tat 1..
juz thought him invisible lol..

eMeRLyN said...

To: Ke Yang, thx.
To: Kaman, yes i ought to listen to u. i shouldn't feel unhappy because of him.