Friday, August 21, 2009


This morning, some of the classmates were asking me how was the examination going. Thanks for their concerns but I didn't know how to answer them. When I said to Atifa that I was doing very bad, the probability for me to fail is high, she hugged me, I felt like I wanted to cry on her shoulder very much. Why am I so stupid? Failed the car driving test once, did not manage to get to the final round in national bible oral quiz, my monthly test result dropped and now I might have to face the failure in piano examination. Sob.

Pn Lau was giving a lecture on teknik menjawab soalan to us today, kind of a seminar. The sixth 'ceramah teknik menjawab' for the form 5 students. I tried to mentally digest everything she said. Just hoping that I wont forget that. My physic result dropped from A2 to C5. When can I get an A1? Sigh. Bad student.

I just bought some presents with Yee Ling, Chi Yan, and Manhowe as our consultant. We have to buy 14 presents, and out of the 14, we need to buy 10 for boys. But it seemed he didn't help too much. Hehe. Please, don't mention to him, please, please, please. One and a half hour, we were busy choosing the present at the shop. I'm worrying about Teck Li's present now. I wasn't there with them to choose the tie. How is the tie look like? Our birthday cum gathering party will be held on tomorrow. Again, this time we will celebrate with Sc 2 students. 14 of them from Sc 1 and Sc2 who born in August, September and October will be celebrating together. Yee Ling and her assistant, Chi Yan were working hard on this BBQ party for hoping all of us enjoy the party as well as a sign giving an honour to the friendship between Sc 1 and Sc 2 students. Thanks to Manhowe, Keyang, Kaman, Teck Li, Jiin and the rest who are helping for the party too.


kaman said...

u ok la..
me A1 drop to C5!!!

eMeRLyN said...

me too.... i got C5. I haven't seen my paper yet. Teck Li told me yesterday.