Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Driving Test

6th May,

How embarrassed I was today!

I was having my driving test today, the very first one in my life. Well, everything had been worked out nicely excepttttttt for the parking test. ;( I just dunno why I was so stupid for hitting the pole that was right in front of me. Actually, I was trying to adjust the car to the span between the 3rd and 4th poles after making a turn to right and I shouldn't press the accelerator instead of releasing the clutch slowly. While the car was about to hit the pole, it's too late to brake to make it stop immediately due to large momentum. I was sort of dunno-what-to-do. This is part of me, the clumsy one. I' m supposed to be retested on 20th May but I'll be having my mid year standardize test on that day so next month will be my next chance, I swear I'm not going to fail it again.

7th May,

The next second I walked into the class in this morning, smirking faces, sarcastic looks were everywhere to be seen. I didn't mean to let everybody know I was taking the driving test except some of my friends but news was spreading like fire since... well, I'm not sure about that. It seemed like the whole form 5 and the teachers as well knew I had 'failed' my driving test and my classmates started laughing and teasing me around. " Excuse me, I didn't actually fail my driving test, I passed my road test, okay." This was what I said to cover my actual stupidity. Should I THANK to those who were 'promoting' the news for giving chances for me to explain it??? ;( I don't blame them, anyway.
Keeping my fingers cross for the next test.

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erica0610 said...

nvm la, i also got fail once before i passed the car test,so dun give up, u can try ur best in the next car test!!!