Monday, June 1, 2009

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Well, I have just finished watching a Korean drama – Boys Over Flowers, which have kept me from updating my blog after my mid year exam. I have really wanted to watch this drama so much before the exam, but study just make this desire bearable.

For those who hasn’t watch this drama yet, just take a look at this:

Boys Before Flowers aka Boys Over Flowers (꽃보다 남자) is a Korean drama adaptation of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. This is the 3rd television drama adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Hana Yoru Dango after the success of Taiwanese version – Meteor Garden and Japanese version – Hana Yori Dango.

Format: Drama / Romantic Comedy created by Kamio Yoko

Starring :

Koo Hye Sun

Lee Min Ho

Kim Hyun Jun
Kim Bum

Kim Joon

Han Chae-young

Kim Hyun Joo

Kim So Eun

Opening theme: "Paradise" by T-Max

Ending theme

Season 1:"Because I'm Stupid" by SS501
Season 2: "Making a Lover" by SS501

Country of origin : South Korea

No. of episodes: 25 (this has take me 3 days to finish it)


Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) is the hot-headed leader of F4. Exasperated by Jan Di's act of defiance, he makes her a target of bullying. But as time passes, he begins to admire Jan di's determination and will and falls in love with her. He is the heir of Shinhwa Group, and after his father 'supposedly' passes away, he inherits and begins to run the Shinhwa Group along with his mother.

Geum Jan Di (Koo Hye Sun) is from a poor family with a fierce and weed-like determination. She first liked Ji Hoo, who was the only one who showed any compassion while she was bullied. Eventually Jun Pyo begins to fall in love with her, and as he expresses his feelings towards her, she gradually begins to reciprocate those feelings. Jan Di later is determined to pursue the medical industry after realizing she can't swim because of her shoulder.

Yoon Ji Hoo
(Kim Hyun Joong) is a calm and soft-spoken boy who likes to play the violin, piano and guitar and conduct an orchestra. He is a grandson of Korea's former president. Seo Hyeon was Ji Hoo's first love, after she helped him overcome trauma after the death of his parents when he was little. He attempts to fight for Seo Hyeon's love by following her to France. When he comes back, he has already realized that he had fallen for Jan Di. However, Jun Pyo has already announced his love of Jan Di. Ji Hoo decides not to betray his friend by trying to fight for Jan Di.

So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) is F4's perennial playboy. Handsome and gifted with a brilliant smile.Yi Jung also has a knack of sweets words that could make every girl fall for him. Even Geum Jan Di's friend, Chu Ga Eul could not escape his charming ways.He is from a family of well-known artists, and is a reputed potter himself. His family owns an art gallery that exhibits national treasures.

Song Woo Bin ( Kim Joon), from their origin in the underground, his family now runs a prominent construction business. The family owns real estate throughout the country.

Chu Ga Eul ( Kim so Eun) is Jan Di's best friend. She falls in love with Yi Jung

Goo Jun Hee (Kim Hyun Joon), Jun Pyo's sister.

Ha Jae Kyeong (Lee Min Jeong), Jun Pyo's fiancee.

Boys Over Flowers_Correlation Chart

Happy Holiday!!!

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