Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sport Camp

Just a drop by. After coming back from sport camp, I feel a bit tired now.

Thank God our CF first BIG activity so far has been running very smoothly and I feel it is worth for we has been working hard for it. Luckily we were having a lovely morning in this raining season.

I have no photo to upload because I don't bring my camera purposely, dunno why, maybe I'm too lazy.

I would like to express my gratitude here though they might not see this... I'm so blissful for having you all here

our CF teachers, Pn Lau N Pn Anna

Dominic, my assistant :)

Egbert, our camp director cum Tchoukball couch

Michael ( ah di) N Jet

Elaine, Ka Man N Manhowe

n last but not least
Tharma, n friends from TARC floorball team. I know I owe you so much, ahem, maybe not that much, hehe...

Loi, what a pity you couldn't turn up today, we were having great time in the camp. Blekkkkk

I have just finished my standardized test in this week, from now on, I gotta work hard for the last theory exam which I will have on this coming Monday. I'm not sure whether I can do well or not, hopefully yes.


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