Thursday, February 26, 2009


The BIG DAY in February which I had been waiting for so long...
This was the
last sport day I had in MES.

Gryffindor hOuSe

Ravenclaw hOuSe

Slytherin hOuSe

Hufflepuff hOuSe


Shining Boots!

Pretty cool, man , this is my school cadets!

Tired! Starving! Sleepy! zzZZZ

Do you see the red cone is above the other cones?
Red did it!

This was what happening on the our Sport Day annually.

MES was flooded

While waiting for the rain to stop...

How beautiful it was when the balloon was released into the sky...

Because of the rain, the prize giving ceremony had been delayed...

This had made me waiting anxiously for the marching result for the night...

Red was the CHAMPION!

Me, President of Red House, Eik, n Seow.

Yea!!! And for KRS,
We DID it again
for the 4th year
We are the
JOHAN KESELURUHAN PERBARISAN ( pasukan perkhidmatan sekolah, pasukan rumah, pasukan unit beruniform)

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