Tuesday, March 17, 2009

True or False, which one are we holding on to?

One of my guru bahasa said this to me before, ‘Emerlyn, apa yang kamu belajar di sekolah berbeza dengan apa yang berlaku di luar pagar sekolah.’ These words came upon me and it is just as clear as I have been told on yesterday. We have been taught to keep our virtue, to be mean, just, honest, so on and so forth. But there is no so-called virtuousness outside there, the world isn’t that beautiful as what we have been learnt in our text book, we are actually living in a fallen, broken world, in many ways getting worse, it’s no wonder that sometimes we feel the world overwhelmed by the powers of evilness. We can reveal this by looking around what is going on recently in our country or in other continents as well.

BUT, there is but, this was what I found in Daily Bread: In life’s battles, let’s hold on to the fact that good will triumph over evil in the end… ( Title: What are we holding on to? Date: Mar. 3) Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life. ( 1 Timothy 6:11-16)

Today, as I was walking on my way with my friends from English tutorial class to my Acc. teacher’s house, I saw my friend’s car rear-ended a motorbike in a T junction. Fortunately, the two guys on motorbike were not injured. Frankly, I didn’t witness how was the accident happened, I just saw one of the guy negotiated with my friend and asked for RM400 for compensation.

My friend told me it wasn’t their fault, her mom gave signal to slow down and was ready to turn left, all of sudden, they experienced a clash from behind. My friend and her mom reckoned the guy brought the motorbike very fast. On the other hand, the guy accused my friend’s mom stopped at the junction suddenly. God damn him! Didn’t he see the signal? And, why he wants RM400 just to repair a small damage in front of his motorbike? I say, he is brainless, he thought he can cheat a woman and a teenage girl? The guy finally compromised when they said they wanted to report this case to the police.

I got a bolt from the blue when I saw my friend negotiated with the guy so bravely, she's cool, man.Pity her mom, she got a bit shock. Hope she’s fine now. I’m not sure whether I have the courage to do that or not. One thing I want to say to my friend, ‘ I salute you.’

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