Monday, November 3, 2008

What a bad day!

mood: :-(

I feel really miserable today, i have an squabble with one of my friend. Well, i admit that arguing with people has already become my usual stuff. This is tiring. If this happened to me in last two years ago, I would had been crying all day long, now you could agree with my mom that i am bellicose and always having the desire to win, but one thing, i won't twist the truth. But today i don't mean to be contentious, i feel that he should change his attitude.The manner of fact is if you are holding a post in anywhere, you should make sure you take the responsibility and do your part seriously for the sake of everyone. I don't want to explain too much here about what has happened about him and dig up this unpleasant thing again. Sometimes I feel that being quiet and pretending don't know what's going on is better. Next time, i would just :-# keep my mouth shut.

Take a
DEEP breath... release... *forget this stupid stuff*

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