Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here I am!!!

Hi, this is my first day here. This is what people has quoted mostly when they started they first blogging. I think this is a so-called traditional way and i shouldn't breaking it. Um, i have made up my mind to have my blog since three weeks ago when my final exam was going on. I was tortured badly for doing revision at the very eve of the exam, trying to memorise everything as much as possible. This couldn't blame anyone I know, I was always telling myself:" Emerlyn, serve you right.Who ask you to do your revision last minute?" During that period, i was thinking to die! This was true, i didn't mean to scare you. If you are not alive, you needn't to study, you needn't to face the unpleasant stuff and all sort of pains. Buttttt, I didn't have the courage... So I wanted a space for myself to release all my mind. Well, actually i signed up this blog on 31th Oct (yesterday) but my first posting is on 1st Nov, i wonder which would be my blog's birthday?

Well, today i have skipped all my tuition classes and gone to KL with my buddies. I was looking forward to watch High School Musical 3 and had a superduper weekend with my buddies after battling with the final exam for this heck of three weeks. This was not the first time I went with my buddies of course, but this was the first time I... let me tell you this, everything was going smoothly at the beginning. We had bought a 6.00pm bus ticket back to Tanjong Malim because we had promised to go to our friend's house for Deepavali dinner at 7.30pm. We were supposed to leave Times Square early a bit and wait at the Pudu bus station at 5.45pm. It was nearly 5.30pm, some of my friends were still strolling at the shopping mall, some were reading at Boarders. (Whoa , so hardworking!) All the buddies had to gather together first and rushed to the bus station! It was quite later than what we expected. Egg Egg decided not to take the monorel to there because he was worrying we couldn't catch up with time. That's mean we had to walk from Jalan Imbi - Jalan Bukit Bintang- Jalan Tong Shin - Jalan Pudu. We were walking with the speed of 3m/s as though we were taking part in EXplorace (TV programme, the contestants have to act hurriedly to finish the tasks given and reach the end point) like what i watched in TV. I seldom exercise. The rush had made me looked like a drowned mouse. I had always had a stomach-ache while i was running. I think my muscle was producing too much of lactic acid at that time due to the anaerobic respiration.( proud to be a biology student, lol)

The road was damn busy and there was
an incident which HoHozhai nearly knocked down by the car when he ran across the road like chicky. We were all shocked and our heartbeat really stopped at that millisecond. Thank God, he is still alive now. We were palpitated with fear especially yeeling. Luckily we arrived there before 6. They all scolded Ho on the bus for his dangerous action (ho, they care for you). Hehe, this was really a good time for me to scold him for he always bullied me at school ( haha, too bad me).

What i have gained from the shopping ? Um, i am still thinking am i too stupid for buying two black watches? I coudn't make up my mind which to choose, one of them looked really cute and lovely, another one looked gorgeous, so i just bought two. I would like to say my gratitude to my girlfriends, they had accompanied me to more than 10 shops in Times Square just to look for a suitable shoes for me but sorry i didn't buy one because they were not my ideal shoes.

Okay, that's it for today.

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