Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boring Nov Holiday of Mine, Awww

I was being asked why i had been not updated my blog frequently. Bad that. My holiday is real bored, man. I feel that time creeps pretty real slow somehow, sometimes. I am repeating almost the same stuff for every single day I have had in this holiday:

1. Watching drama. Yea, I had finished 4 dramas in this two weeks holiday. (Oooh, I am not potato couch indeed)
2. Practicing songs- Christmas songs, the three piano practical pieces and scales. AGAIN!!!
3. Sodoku puzzles. I thought it was a lame game once but i am getting gradually in love with it. Goodness gracious, I already found the technique to solve it. (Solving sodoku is better than doing nothing, right?)
4. DeTeCTiVe CoNan comic. Addicted. Wanna to get the latest volume of this comic in English version (I guess it is 62, I am reading the chinese version one)I do not prefer to read it online 'cause my eyes easily get weary.
5. Online. If it is more than 3 hours,( even two an a half hours) my mom will surely nags at me.
6. Novels and story books. I just read them half way (bashful), I am not managed to finish them because they make me fall asleep at last. (Whoa, effective than sleeping pills!!!)
7. Tuition classes / Tutorial. It won't end!!! I have just finished Chemistry, Physic, Biology subjects (form 4) in this November. But next months I will have to struggle with Bible Knowlegde and Add Mathematics. ( Oooh, come on, gimme a break, a looooooong break.)

Well,I am looking forward for this coming December 'cause I will have some big plans to do then. Of course, the next month schedules might be a teensy tight. Furthermore, Christmas is around the corner, life will be kinda busy a little little bit.

Hope you enjoy your holidays :-)


BrandonChen said...

find brandon to chat XD

little-bell said...

dun forget driving lesson also.haha.

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