Saturday, September 19, 2009

A pity Chinese student

I had finished up reading a Chinese novel this morning, it was a romantic fiction. I was feeling so good when I closed up the last page of the novel. I scarcely remembered when was the last time I read a Chinese novel. Since I entered into secondary school, most of the that I read was in Malay language and English language. Every time I went into a bookstore, I just picked up the Malay and English books for the reason read more to improve my languages other than my mother tongue. You see, out of the twelve subjects, there is one and the only one subject is in Chinese language. That made me Chinese was not as good as it used to be and I felt that it's lagged behind, sometimes, even a simple word, I can hardly remember how to write. So it is very true that practice make perfect.

You know, it's pity being a student taking chinese in my school, there are no particular classroom for the chinese lesson. The teacher and students are responsible to find the class. What make thing worse is, our school do not have extra classes. We study in everywhere, almost all the classrooms in MES (when the classroom was empty), library, laboratory and computer class. I think we haven't been forced to study in canteen for time being. Haha... Sometimes, we will have to shift to another place while the lesson is still going on because XX class students have to study in this laboratory, can't they go to the other laboratory? Why on earth they want to lock the other laboratory? I really hate this kind of disturbance. I think no one will diagree if I say we are like the nomad in the school.   


kaman said...

we study chinese literature in canteen b4.. TT.. very hot thr.. n the table is oily..
wat novel is u reading o?

eMeRLyN said...