Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's not over yet ~

Finally, I get to drop some lines here. It's holiday now! Yea... Well, my trial is not over yet, still have to sit for BK, so I have to back to the exam on the next Wednesday after next. Yea... I still have to do Sivik and PJK test but I will not touch those book, it is unnecessary and unimportant (because it's not in our SPM), for Sivik, just answer like what you did in moral test, as for PJK, just tembaklah. Guys, how's your trial? Mine, was just plain bad... it's really frightening to think of the result. BUCK UP! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Elaine today! (It's Elaine Pak, not Elaine Khong)
Nothing special about school life recently, as you know, is on trial and we were just busy filling forms and forms. Well guys, enjoy your holiday... For those who want to do revision, GAMBATEH! 

A prayer as we are preparing for the exam:   

“Lord, give me peace as I open my books and notes.
Grant me a clarity of mind as I prepare for BK and other subjects in my SPM.

Give me insight and wisdom to understand those things that are not clear.
As I read and learn – this is a part of my discipleship.
If I am tense, worried and anxious, I ask for your peace and calm.

Let my mind be rested, my body energized
And my spirit inspired for this exam I have to take.

Give me peace and confidence to do my best.
So that I can reap the rewards of my study.

Be with my friends too
So that they can do well in their study and exam as well.
Christ the Lord I pray,   

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